(22 April 2018) New book on Med Tech Innovation by Prof Ravi, IIT-Bombay


Prof B Ravi of IIT-Bombay has recently published this book “The Essence of Medical Device Innovation”.
This book is an excellent introductory book for aspiring med tech innovators and entrepreneurs.  The book stands out because of the real-world and relatable stories of  med tech innovation that aim to share the deep and practical insights of the BETIC team in medical device design and innovation.  This brief and concise book packs in a lot of concepts, information, inspiration, insights, advise and case studies all inter-woven into an eminently readable text.
This book is being published by Crossword’s publishing arm “The Write Place”.  It should be available soon at Crossword stores online and offline.
It is available in Venture Center Library: http://www.vcenterlibrary.org/