(22 April 2018) New book on Med Tech Innovation by Prof Ravi, IIT-Bombay


Prof B Ravi of IIT-Bombay has recently published this book “The Essence of Medical Device Innovation”.
This book is an excellent introductory book for aspiring med tech innovators and entrepreneurs.  The book stands out because of the real-world and relatable stories of  med tech innovation that aim to share the deep and practical insights of the BETIC team in medical device design and innovation.  This brief and concise book packs in a lot of concepts, information, inspiration, insights, advise and case studies all inter-woven into an eminently readable text.
This book is being published by Crossword’s publishing arm “The Write Place”.  It should be available soon at Crossword stores online and offline.
It is available in Venture Center Library: http://www.vcenterlibrary.org/

(20 April 2018) Dr Padmanabhan’s new memoir

Recently (20 March 2018), Dr G Padmanabhan (Formed Director of IISc Bangalore and a leading biologist from India) celebrated his 80th birthday. He was felicitated by BIRAC/DBT at BIRAC’s 6th Foundation day. (http://www.dbtindia.nic.in/press_release_birac-celebrates-its-6th-foundation-day/ )

More about: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Govindarajan_Padmanaban

On the occasion of his birthday, he also released a memoir titled “Doing Science in India: My Second Innings”.

This is a short book and written in an informal and anecdotal style. What stands out is the sincerity, honesty and forthrightness of the stories and messages. Such a book can only be written by somebody with great humility.

I found Chapter 2 very touching. The chapter is about Dr GP’s efforts to leave a legacy and how he struggled to give it some stability and his distress at seeing it crumble. This is something many of us can relate to —especially those of us who have made our own sacrifices to work towards building something of lasting value and wider impact.  The fact that in India we often neglect to build on previous initiatives is also worrisome.  Anything that has been accomplished in this world is clearly something built over many years/ generations with cumulative efforts. Are we not wasting efforts and disappointing our pioneers by abandoning their hard fought gains and achievements.

This set back aside, Dr GP has of course done enormous work and achieved many things.  He will definitely leave a legacy behind to be proud of.

The book makes you think — and think deeply!


(20 April 2018) Using Rallly for scheduling meetings involving multiple busy people:

Using Rallly for scheduling meetings involving multiple busy people:

If you are setting up meetings, especially Board meetings, you can consider using Rallly. Rallly has a simple and nice interface. It also has a version where you can send people a link where they can just say which dates they are available.

See http://rallly.co

My preferred way of using Rallly.co

  • Go to http://rallly.co
  • Schedule an event
  • Organizer to fill up form. Fill up text well and fully explaining the event since the same text is used in the scheduling site/invite email.
  • Do NOT add email addresses of recipients
  • Create event
  • The site will first send you an email to confirm if your email address is genuine and whether you only have initiated the scheduling request. You have to confirm by clicking on the link you will receive in the email.
  • On doing so, it will take you to a event scheduling site. Copy the URL (web address)
  • Use that URL in your email asking people for suitability of dates.
Your email to the meeting participants will as follows:Dear XYZ:

I am trying to schedule ABC meeting. I am planning to use Rallly.co ’s meeting scheduling platform for scheduling the meeting. This is basically a website that allows multiple people to indicate their date preferences for a meeting and then allows the organizer to arrive at a date that works for most peopl


  1. Please click on the link <Add LINK or URL here>  and please respond by selecting the dates that suit you. Title will say “ABC Meeting ”
  2. Click on the green button that says “View event” And “Save”
  3. You are done.

(You can leave a comment at the site if none of the dates suits you, or you want to suggest other dates or you wish to point to timings when you are not available)


  • They have to respond by clicking the link.
  • Then notification will come to you when they have responded.